The security Frames produced by the Miluzzi firm are the result of a long experience in the sector with top quality results, thanks also to the use of innovative instruments.

The principal characteristics are:

  • Profile in galvanized steel;
  • Triple closure locks: Central drop lock;
  • 2 posts (above-below); terminal closing rod in stainless steel INOX (diam. 12 mm.);
  • Cylinders with a single coding "KA";
  • Welded steel hinges with brass linchpins and ball bearings;
  • On the side of the hinge the wings have beaks that when closed fit into the frame, increasing resistance to break-ins by burglars;
  • The particular system whereby the horizontal slats, oval in cross section, mounted in series inside the frame stiles of the wings, cannot be removed makes the shutters extremely strong without weld points;
  • The powder coat protects the object from atmospheric agents;
  • Roll shutters of all types can be made.

The finished product combines aesthetics and function perfectly, and the security of a steel profile goes hand in hand with the possibility of personalizing the product according to the client's needs.




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