Steel, thanks to its intrinsic properties of strength and resistance, makes it possible to realize slender profiles that guarantee the maximum structural values, to create elegant and luminous doors, windows and shutters.

Miluzzi S.r.l. offers an integrated system of profiles, accessories and sealing materials to create doors, windows and shutters in four metals: galvanized steel, INOX steel, COR-TEN steel and Bronze Profile.
These four systems, thanks to the properties of the respective materials, the structural strength, the variety of finishes, allow the designer to solve any type of problem.


The principal advantages of steel frames are:


  • complete system of profiles, accessories and sealing materials for any opening;

  • particularly strong, resistant to corrosion, long-lasting;

  • natural materials, 100% recyclable;

  • low maintenance costs;

  • possibility of creating customized curves;

  • low transmission of heat of the finished door, window or shutter due to the reduced surface of the profile with regards to the overall area of the door, window or shutter.




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