The Miluzzi S.r.l., also exploits its knowledge and competence in the production of components in steel for interiors and architecture and design of interiors and exteriors.
Our philosophy has always been based on the ability to respond flexibly and precisely to the requirements of the client thanks to the high quality standards of our products, conceived in conformity with European norms.
Thanks to collaboration with technical studios we can produce and assemble all types of components in steel.


Stainless steel is becoming increasingly popular in the field of ornament thanks to technological progress in working and finishing this material. The EZ-INOX system of Euro-Fer is a completely modular system that requires no welding, grinding or polishing during installation and is compatible with the standard steel tube measurements.


One of the systems our firm uses for its work is the Palladio SpA "Point Line Surface". This is a system of cables and ties that combines lightness with high resistance, both in the field of engineering with structural elements or particular transparent coverings as well as in architecture and in the design of suspended stairs, footways, marquees, exhibition structures and other.
This system is composed of two categories of elements: the steel cables and the connecting elements, both made of the best stainless steel alloy, INOX AISI 316, combining lightness with great resistance, both to traction stress and environmental corrosion.







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